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Lighting Creations has so many choices of lighting products and accessories for you. Hopefully we can help you with some of the simple theories and vocabulary of lighting design to help you with your purchase decisions.

How to choose indoor lighting for different living area?

There are different lighting requirements for different parts of your home- and also at different times in the same room. These requirements are normally categorised as ambient, task or decorative lighting needs.

Foyer or Hallway Lighting - Here you will need to consider both the width and height of your fixture. A multi-tier ceiling light or chandelier should only be used with a high ceiling. It should center the hanging light fixture so that it can be seen from outside and additional, matching wall lights can supplement for larger areas.

Hallway Lighting - For hall, stairs and landings use either flush or semi-flush mounted ceiling lights. If your hallway is long or stairwell is dark, you may consider the use of flush or semi-flush wall lights or recessed step lights to provide extra illumination.

Living Room Lighting - A ceiling light, chandelier or flush or semi-flush ceiling mounted fitting could be the main source of illumination in your living room, however, these are frequently augmented with wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps that coordinate with the interior décor and which fulfil both ambient and task lighting requirements. Track lighting could be considered to show off art.

Dining Room Light - The dining room ceiling light or chandelier should be no wider than width of the dining table and the bottom of the chandelier should be no lower than 30 inches above the surface. Once again, coordinated wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps can be used in support. Using dimmer switches and low wattage bulbs will obviously enhance the intimacy of the ambience.

Kitchen Lighting - Kitchen lighting should be a combination of ambient ceiling mounted or spot lights, task lighting such as under cabinet counter lights. To light Islands or breakfast bars, use a decorative fixture with two or three shades or multiple pendants. The bottom of the fixture again should be no lower than 30 inches above the surface.

Bedroom Lighting - To create a mood of quiet relaxation, ambient lighting can be provided by bedside table lamps or floor lamps. Ceiling lights can be recessed downlights (may needed fire rated) or fans. Reading lights that shine concentrated beams will prevent your partner being disturbed if they are asleep. Nightlights provide comfort and reassurance for children in their bedrooms.

Bathroom Lighting - Depending on the size of the room, the number and mix of recessed ceiling downlighters (fire rated and IP rated) and flush or semi flush wall lights will provide for general lighting needs. Bathroom mirror lights will help those early morning close-ups. Bathroom lights and fixtures must have appropriate "Ingress Protection" (IP) ratings to protect against splashes or moisture content in air.

How to choose your Outdoor Lighting?

The Lighting Creations outdoor collection contains a variety of lighting styles and finishes with three options for the power source- 240volt, 12volt, solar with IP rating between IP44 to IP68. We have two broad categories of outdoor lighting- Garden lighting and Security lighting.

Garden Lighting - There are 240 volt fittings that are connected to the Mains electricity. They are normally wall lanterns, downlighters, path lights, driveover lights, posts and bollards. Typically, they are for "task" lighting- illuminating entrances, patios and driveways. They should always be fitted by qualified electricians.

Low voltage - The light fittings connected via a 12volt transformer to the Mains electricity through an outdoor socket. They are normally spotlights, path lights, lanterns, spreadlights (flood lights), step lights, uplighters(wall washes), pond lights and deck lights. They are easy to install (often referred to as Plug and Play) and cables do not need to be buried so there is no requirement for a qualified electrician, although it’s a good idea to seek help with lighting design tips from a credible source. Typically, they are for "ambient" and "accent" lighting so you will become aware of terms like crosslighting, shadowing, silhouetting and moonlighting.

Solar lighting - is environmentally friendly as the power source is light from the sun converted by photovoltaic panels built into the fittings. There are no cables so they are portable and can be moved around the garden at will.

Security Lighting - These are normally floodlights, activated by Passive InfraRed sensors (PIR)- an electronic device that passively accepts InfraRed (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view to detect apparent motion.

They contain photocells so that they only turn on at night and utilise an adjustable timer control to switch them off after a preset time. They burn traditional incandescent light bulbs because they have to activate instantly and, because they are switched off most of the time, energy efficiency is less of a consideration.

There is a choice of Up Lanterns, Down Lanterns and Half Lanterns aesthetically designed because of their prominence in the most used areas of the garden. In addition, there are tough, anti-vandal Bulkhead light fittings activated by PIR for the more secluded areas.

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