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Ceiling lights

For the minimalistic and stylish look our ceiling light range is perfect for office or home use. The many designs and different looks are used to either set the mood or to light up the room. From downlighters to hanging lights, there is a ceiling light for every taste.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are modern, functional and can be used to make a statement or used just for decoration. There are a variety of options: glass, aluminium, plastic and iron. They are also used for security and to illuminate dark areas in a room. Whatever the reason, we have a wall light to light up your life.

Picture Lights

Picture Lights come in different shapes, styles and sizes depending on the art piece and the location of the area that requires illumination. We have soft ambient lights that reduce glare and reflection on the art and can bring out the beauty of a picture. There are lamps for the connoisseur to the everyday art lover.

Table lamps

Our table lamps range can be decorative, functional, modern or retro. They are made out of all types of materials to suit all tastes. Table lamps can be used in the study or the living room and could even be a status symbol. There are table lamps for every taste in our wide range.

Floor lamps

Tall or short, wood or iron, floor lamps can give every room a lift, offering a stylish look and feel and really make a statement. Floor lamps offer versatility and can be used to dramatic affect in many different locations in a room and offer the option of subtle soft lighting.

Bathroom Lights

Bathroom Lights can be simple or modern, practical or just for decoration. Whatever your desire and whatever your taste, there is a bathroom light for you. Bathroom lighting comes as domes or wall mounted, fluorescent or incandescent. Whatever their look or glow they are there to help you relax.

Kitchen Lights

Kitchen lighting is important in many ways: good lighting is essential for cooking and to make the room look inviting. There are many types and styles of kitchen lights around: Overhead or under counter, ceiling or wall. Make your kitchen a warm spot in the home.

Outdoor Lighting

Garden lighting does more than meets the eye. Garden lights range from decorative to security and are essential for the modern home. You can keep the costs down with solar powered lights or choose more elaborate garden lights from a more elaborate range. Display your garden in style with our beautiful garden lights.
Decking lights are the ultimate in under floor lighting. With waterproof seals and shatterproof glass covers you have the reassurance that your deck will always be the talk of the town. The glass could be sandblasted for ambient effect and dimmer switches could also be added. So make your deck the envy of all.
Flood lights are useful in lighting up a big area and can be placed well out of reach of the wondering little hands. They are functional as illumination in businesses or for any big open spaces.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs are as plentiful as there are styles. Their uses are endless and their styles range from big and small to incandescent, florescent to LED. Whether you want to set the mood with soft lighting or be in the spotlight, light bulbs are indispensable. Without light bulbs we are in the dark.

Commercial Lights

Commercial lighting is for the commercial market and as such is robust and ideal for businesses. They are bright for the use during the day or night and are often used for security. Shadowless working is essential for the factory or even machinery environment. Commercial lights are just what industry needs for success.

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